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UGLE's University Scheme
in Nottinghamshire
Introducing Freemasonry's traditional values to a new generation

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The University Scheme assists students to find out more about Freemasonry and to take their first steps into this ancient fraternity.  Freemasonry is a society of like-minded individuals who prize the core values of Integrity, Friendship, Respect, and Charity. 

We are united by shared values and beliefs and offer the opportunity to make lifetime friendships and engage in a variety of social and charitable activities.  We welcome individuals of any religion, race, and ethnic background, although you must be over 18 years old to join.

In Nottinghamshire, there are two Lodges for men and one for women.  Daybrook Lodge is for men at Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham Lodge is for men at the University of Nottingham.  Both meet in Nottingham city centre.  Lodge Vigilance for women meets in West Bridgford.  These are dynamic, forward-thinking Lodges, and their membership reflects the changing face of Freemasonry today whilst retaining those ancient principles of our fraternity. 

Everybody has their own personal reasons to become a Freemason. Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, alumnus, or member of staff of any university anywhere in the world, you will be able to experience Freemasonry’s core values and friendship in our Lodges. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Freemasonry for men or for women, then please get in touch by using the contact form on this website  (Click on the Enquiry Form below) .  It could quite easily change your life!  

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