About Provincial Grand Lodge

goldsmith-streetThe United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is the governing body of Freemasonry in England, Wales and the Channel Islands. The country is divided into geographical areas and the Masonic province of Nottinghamshire is known as the Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire is headed by a Provincial Grand Master appointed by UGLE. The PGM, as he is known, has a Deputy and two Assistant Provincial Grand Masters to help him. The head office is based in the imposing building on Goldsmith Street, Nottingham.

The purpose of Provincial Grand Lodge is to be the interface between UGLE and the Lodges that meet in the various Masonic centres around the Province. Although the officers of Provincial Grand Lodge are essentially unpaid volunteers, the organisation operates in a similar manner to a large company with brethren nominated to work in the different sections – administration, finance, ceremonial, training, mentoring, information technology, charities, benevolence etc.

The head of the administration section is the Provincial Secretary and he is the main point of contact with UGLE, the Lodges and the outside world.

The Province has an Annual General Meeting held in May each year and presided over by the PGM. The meeting provides the opportunity for the whole province to come together and to recognise the achievements of individual brethren for their service to individual Lodges or the Province. The event is always attended by senior representatives from the neighbouring Provinces.

The acting officers of the Province make a number of visits each year as a team to Lodges around Nottinghamshire. The Province also organises a number of banquets and other social occasions to welcome new members and generally to promote happiness across the whole of the Province.