Broxtowe Lodge No 3648

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Broxtowe Lodge Number 3648 was consecrated on 28th October 1913.

Our Lodge banner, which is displayed prominently over the Master’s pedestal, is an important part of our Lodge furnishings. Included on it is our Motto “Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget” which translated means “Each needs the help of the other.” The pandemic virus during 2020/21 clearly reminds us of the significance of these words which are timeless.

That Broxtowe Lodge is still very much alive and active after over 100 years demonstrates that in a century when the speed of evolution has increased at a breath-taking rate and at times in devastating directions, this Lodge has continued from its Consecration to beyond its Centenary Celebrations. We continue to attract Members from men of good standing who remain firm in their belief in what the Lodge should be and represent and with unswerving adherence to those Grand Principles on which it was founded.

‘Broxtowe’ was selected as being the name of the “Hundred” of which Mansfield was the chief town. Since Anglo-Saxon times much of England was divided into regions called Hundreds, probably based on a group of 100 families and the land they occupied.

Meetings-where and when?

We meet at the Masonic Hall, Nottingham Road, Mansfield in the early evening on the third Tuesday of January, February, March, April, October, November, and December. Our masonic year actually commences in October, then each month we meet we have different masonic themes. Meetings are followed by dining at a ‘Festive Board’ when we enjoy fellowship together.


We have 38 Members, which includes a growing number of younger members who have a variety of occupations. This steady flow of new members is the lifeblood of any lodge and contributes to the lodge being able to progress with confidence into the future. The only qualifications to join are:-

a desire to participate in the Masonic journey of self-development

a belief in a Supreme Being

and to be at least 21 years of age, although there are exceptions to this when younger men wish to apply.

Broxtowe Lodge has never turned down anyone from becoming a member on the grounds of age or religion, happily embracing the principle of equality with every brother being equal irrespective of his station in life. This illustrates that Masonry does not discriminate in any way. The aim is to create friendships amongst good men, regardless of politics, religion, or background.

Every new Brother receives guidance through a personal mentor. We also have an Almoner to provide support when Brethren are ill. A Member of Broxtowe Lodge is never alone; there is always someone at your side.


Within any individual member’s own means, perhaps the most important way we demonstrate our involvement with the community is the amount we contribute to charities in general and to local charities in particular, both masonic and non-masonic. This is not always appreciated by the public because until relatively recently Freemasonry has been reluctant to advertise its charitable giving. However, in recent times more openness on this topic has been forthcoming and therefore Broxtowe Lodge has used the local press on occasions to improve the public knowledge of its activities.

Social Events

There are many social events organised by both the Province (County of Nottinghamshire) and individual lodges, some being for the purpose of charitable fund-raising and all involving partners and family. Broxtowe Lodge holds an annual ‘Ladies event’ which is sometimes a formal dinner and dance or a more casual less formal occasion. There are other casual relaxed events during the year-lunches, garden parties, walks, picnics, and race nights.

The Future

Over the years it is evident that early brethren faced and met many challenges just as we do today. They overcame them with determination, resolve and resource, being confident in their Masonic ideals. As we go forward to face the challenges of an ever-changing and fast-paced world we can do no less and will do our very best to hand the Lodge to future generations, in good heart, as we have received it. Broxtowe Lodge has a reputation as a happy lodge and has played its part in the Province of Nottinghamshire during over a century of existence. Our many visitors describe our lodge as such,  which is a testament to our approach, whilst enjoying great fellowship.

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