United Service Lodge - Incredible achievements in the Community


‘United in Service’

The United Service Lodge was to have celebrated its centenary in July 2020; instead, the current pandemic is preventing us from meeting, let alone celebrating. However, in preparing for the centenary we drew up a revised Lodge Profile fit for our second century.  We researched the formation of the Lodge, and, in particular, the reasons why our founders had adopted the name ‘United Service’ rather than the more usual ‘United Services’ for an ex-servicemen’s Lodge.

It was clear that ‘United Service’ was chosen to emphasise the commitment of members to the service of the community. On rediscovering the purpose set out for us 100 years ago, several members decided to demonstrate that commitment during the Covid-19 pandemic in a number of ways, including:


  • A team consisting of our WM, John Crofts, Ian Thornton (project manager), Mike Douglas, Chris Newton, Drew Pike, Richard Brailsford and others gave their time and energy to build a substantial extension to the premises of a Nottingham charity, Mesopotamia, which distributes food and essentials to those in great need in the city. The following link shows a video of the construction and ends with clip of the Manager for the Mesopotamia Charity thanking the Lodge for their work and support.



  • Tim Carr became a volunteer Covid tester and now runs a Test Centre – a far cry from his profession as a caterer and event organiser
  • Chris Newton raised over £1200 by running a total of 200 miles on his treadmill (‘Run the Month Prostate Cancer UK) – the treadmill needed replacing at the end of the run!
  • Sukhwant Sandhu distributed over 400 food parcels throughout Nottingham, also raising a total of over £1100 for various Nottingham Charities
  • John Rourke delivered cooked meals to those isolating in his locality as part of local support in his neighbourhood.


 Link to Mesopotamia webpage  


Many other members have used the ‘downtime’ of the pandemic to keep alive the service to the community that our founders challenged us to continue.

The Lodge is proud of all their efforts.