Sojourner takes the Twelve Tribes of Israel to Forest Chapter

Forest chapter 24th Jan 18
On Wednesday 24th January 2018, I visited Forest chapter to present a Powerpoint explanation of the origin and development of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, demonstrating the timeline and lineage from Abraham BC 2160 – 1990 through to Solomon BC 999 – 931 and demonstrating the early development of the Israelitish nation.

All the tribe's banners and their connection to each other and the Holy Royal Arch were displayed and the designs explained, along with the Principal banner of the HRA.

The presentation was very well received by 26 members and 8 visitors, with some very interesting questions and observations made both in the temple and afterward at the Festive Board.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

E. Companion Chris Yates
A Nottinghamshire Sojourner