Radcliffe Lodge Initiate's painless move to London

tetragon pic5When Socrates was interviewed by Radcliffe Lodge, we were informed that he was looking to move jobs to London but at that time was unsure when or not that would actually happen. The Lodge interview panel agreed that, for the benefit of the candidate, it would be worthwhile to initiate him into Radcliffe Lodge and then support any move to London as the opportunity and circumstances arose; he was duly initiated in December 2015.

His work move happened remarkably quickly and, in the summer of 2016, he had moved to London. After a few introductions to midweek Lodges, which he could not attend due to time constraints, we found him a Lodge which meets on Saturdays at Great Queen Street – Tetragon Lodge No 6302. Tetragon Lodge is part of the University Scheme and included many members of a similar age to Socrates so he immediately felt at home.

Socrates was not allowed to join Tetragon Lodge without a Grand Lodge Entered Apprentice Certificate, but that proved to be extremely time-consuming to obtain. The easiest solution was for Radcliffe Lodge to request Tetragon Lodge to Pass and Raise Socrates on their behalf instead. He was duly Passed in February 2017 and Raised in December 2017. He was not Raised at Tetragon Lodge but at Meridian Lodge - who often cover ceremonies for Tetragon Lodge. Socrates’ Grand Lodge Certificate was presented at Tetragon Lodge's following meeting which took place on Saturday 17th February 2018 by the AGM, Sir David Hugh Wootton, who by chance was visiting the Lodge.

It has been a long journey for this enthusiastic Mason, and proves that, with a lot of effort and support from his Mother Lodge, even a relatively new Brother can painlessly move to pastures new. Radcliffe Lodge is looking forward to continuing our association with Socrates’ new Lodge and are proud to be his Mother Lodge. We look forward to seeing his progress to the Master’s chair in due time.