Nottinghamshire First Principals Chapter No. 3595

At the meeting of Notts. 1st Principals Chapter held on Wednesday the 25th July 2018, E. Comp. Graham Aitken, who is held in such high estimation, respect and affection throughout Nottinghamshire, became the first Royal Arch mason to be elected an honorary member of this prestigious Chapter. The oppressive heat, which was prevalent throughout July, precluded his attendance but, with his permission, his response will be published at a later date.

After conducting the usual business of the Chapter, MEZ, E Comp Tony Hopewell PGStdB, introduced the guest speaker thus:

“Now Companions, a presentation by E. Comp. Dr. John Stephen Wade on the BEGINNINGS AND CHANGES TO ROYAL ARCH CEREMONIES OVER THE PAST 25O YEARS.
He is a renowned Masonic Historian and to say he is a man of many talents would be a gross understatement...

For he is an Organist of national repute, a former Teaching Fellow of Classical Languages at Sheffield University, the Prestonian Lecturer of UGLE in 2009, Past master and Transactions Editor of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Masonic Research, Grand Lecturer of the GL of New Jersey USA, Past Master of numerous lodges throughout England and Europe and presently the Master of the Keats & Shelley Lodge of Venice... and as they say at Great Queen Street – etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Companions, we are indeed honoured and extremely fortunate to have John’s services today. I give you – Comp. John Wade.”

Comp. Wade then condensed 250 years of RA history into an admirable 20 minute presentation which was absorbing, enlightening, interesting, wonderfully illustrated and impressively projected, and which, at a very high level, held the attention of all.

After thanking him for his excellent presentation, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal presented Comp Wade with a pair of Royal Arch socks. (Currently available to all from the Provincial RA Office at a modest price!)