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Nottingham Masonic Associate Members Ladies Saturday Morning Group
Lunch and Spelunking

ladies in cave

In addition to our monthly Saturday meetings, we have now started an Informal Lunch Group who meet approximately once every two months during the week at different restaurants throughout Nottingham. There are usually 15-20 of us, depending on our members' other commitments.

This month’s lunch was a bit different. Following a talk we had at our Saturday meeting in November, we booked a guided tour and lunch on February 21st at The Malt Cross on St James St. A former Victorian Music Hall dating back to the late 1870s, the Malt Cross is a building which has 2 levels below street level and a cave which dates back to between 1600-1700. It is a Grade 2 listed building with its original arched glass roof and decorative balcony, many of its Music Hall features have been preserved.