Famous British Freemasons

Masons number among them today many outstanding and famous Brethren in the fields of business, finance, the arts, the professions, music and high public and military service.

World-famous, active Masons have included: Will Rogers; Simon Bolivar; James Boswell; Giuseppe Garibaldi; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Rudyard Kipling; Franz Joseph Haydn; Louis Dossuth; Giuseppe Mazzini; Wolfgang Mozart; Jose Rizal; Cecil J. Rhodes; Jean Sibelius; Voltaire and many, many others.

Astronauts have included: Edwin E. Aldrin Jr.; Leroy Gordon Cooper; Donn F. Eisele; Virgil I. Grissom; Edgar D. Mitchell; Walter M. Schirra Jr.; Thomas P. Stafford; Paul J. Weitz and James B. Irwin.