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Welcome to the Home of the Royal Order of Scotland
Province of North Midlands

royal order of scotland200Candidates for membership of the Order must profess a belief in the Christian Trinitarian Faith and be Master Masons of at least five years standing.

Admittance to the Order is usually by invitation from a current member.

Successful candidates undertake two degree ceremonies which are both beautiful and impressive and inculcate the three great principals of Freemasonry - Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

In the first ceremony, which takes place in Provincial Grand Chapter, the candidate is advanced to the Heredom of Kilwinning. The degree of Heredom of Kilwinning is particularly interesting and enlightening to students of Craft Masonry, as its lectures deal exhaustively with the symbolism and teachings of the first three degrees of Saint John’s Masonry.

In the second ceremony, which takes place in Provincial Grand Lodge, the candidate is promoted to the Knighthood of the Rosy Cross. Tradition informs us that the Rosy Cross degree, which incorporates the conferral of Knighthood, originated on the fields of Bannockburn on Summer Saint John’s Day in the year 1314, and was instituted by Robert the Bruce who, having received signal assistance from a body of Freemasons in the battle for Scottish independence conferred on them the Masonic Rank of Knighthood as a reward for their faithful services. Each received a characteristic considered descriptive of his performance at Bannockburn. The degrees of the Order and the rank of Knighthood can only be conferred in the Grand Lodge of the Order, which has its seat in Edinburgh, or by special authority to a Provincial Grand Master or his Deputy (which is the case in this Province).


A Brother of Heredom wears a Crimson Cordon (Sash) plus an Apron which is provided for the ceremony.

A Knight wears both the Crimson and a green Cordon, plus a different Apron (not provided), Breast Star and Garter (Armband).

The Provincial Grand Lodge of North Midlands covers the counties of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Rutland and meets three times a year; the Provincial Grand Lodge is led by the Provincial Grand Master and his Deputy, under the authority of Grand Lodge in Edinburgh, and is administered by the Provincial Grand Secretary.

David J. Robertson
Provincial Grand Master
28th August 2016