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RAM logoThe necessary Masonic qualification to join the Degree is to first be a Mark Master Mason. This association with the Mark Degree is derived purely from the administrative links and accordingly the Degree is led in this Province by the Provincial Grand Master of the Mark. It follows that the happiness and joy which is embedded in the Mark Degree, is equally present in the Royal Ark Mariner Degree.

The Degree teaches the importance of "family" strengths and it emphasises the need for each member of society to play his part for the benefit of all. We are reminded that out of chaos and disaster mankind has the will and the strength to survive and that we should unite to face adversity together, looking after those less fortunate than ourselves.

There are currently 11 Royal Ark Mariner Lodges in the Province of Nottinghamshire, all of which are moored to the Mark Lodge bearing the same number.

A representative of each RAM Lodge is welcomed by the Provincial Grand Master at the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Mark Lodge as part of the RAM Delegation, wearing the regalia of the Royal Ark Mariner Degree. There is also a separate Provincial Grand Assembly of the Order when appointments to Provincial Grand Rank are conferred. This Assembly is held to coincide with the May meeting of the Notts5. Installed Commanders Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.1808.

Progression to the chair is similar to those of other Orders and many of the Officers of a Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners will be familiar to you, although some bear different names. The Master is known as The Worshipful Commander, the Secretary as the Scribe, the Inner Guard as the Guardian and the Tyler as the Warder.

The principal Officers represent Noah (Worshipful Commander) and his two sons; Japeth (Senior Warden) and Shem (Junior Warden).

This Degree is at once easy of comprehension; yet it yields ever more intriguing subjects for contemplation and learning as you increase your own research.

Membership offers happiness of meeting fellow Royal Ark Mariners, the fraternal friendship that comes from mutual support and the idea that we are in it together; but more importantly that no worthy brother shall be left behind. That we all have our part to play and that the highest is he who performs his part best, not he who fills the most exalted position.

Peter Maxwell Ball
Provincial Grand Master
Nottinghamshire Provincal Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons


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