red crossWelcome to the Home of the Red Cross of Constantine in Nottinghamshire

The prerequisites for joining the Red Cross of Constantine are that the candidate must profess a belief in the Christian Trinitarian Faith and be a member of the Holy Royal Arch Order of Masonry.

The Order consists of five degrees:

The Candidate is admitted and Installed as a Knight of the Order in the first degree. The second and third degrees of Knight of the Holy Sepulchre and Knight of St. John the Evangelist constitute the Appendant Orders are conferred in the twin ceremonies of that Order. The fourth degree is that of Venerable Eusebius. The fifth and final degree is the Enthronement as Sovereign.

These ceremonies are amongst the finest in Masonry and are a reflection of merit and responsibility founded on a firm Christian belief.

Initially the regalia consists of a simple sash and jewel with a different sash and additional jewel being worn after receiving the Appendant Orders.

The Nottinghamshire Division of the Order is led by the Intendant General and his Deputy and is administered by the Divisional Recorder. Ten Conclaves provide a meeting place at each Masonic Hall in Nottinghamshire and meet three times a year.

J. Stephen Boyd Mather
Intendant General
Nottinghamshire Division