We Will Remember Them

In remembrance of those Brethren who have passed to the Grand Lodge Above in the last six months.

Requiescat in pace.

 Hon  Surname  Initials  Lodge  Lodge No  Date
W. Bro Bexon I. P. Commercial 411 2019/02/09
W. Bro Wardle M. H. Dame Agnes Mellers 3498 2019/01/09
W. Bro McGowan I. R. Robert Warburton 9464 2018/12/29
W. Bro Brown D. H. Minster 8510 2018/12/26
W. Bro Wright P. A. Bramcote 8750 2018/11/16
W. Bro Rollitt B. A. St. John's 8972 2018/10/25
Bro Green A. B. United Service Lodge of Notts 4068 2018/10/07
W. Bro Stringer H. W. Forest 1852 2018/10/14
W. Bro Marwood M. H. Newstead 47 2018/10/10
W. Bro Newton J. N. Pelham 939 2018/10/05
W. Bro Smith A. P. Round Table 8604 2018/09/28
W. Bro Gibson J. D. Radcliffe 5313 2018/09/11
W. Bro Chambers R. Nottingham Rotary 3941 2018/08/29
W. Bro Lawson K. P. Harlequin 8004 2018/08/24
W. Bro Roper M. Duchess of Portland 3570 2018/08/19
W. Bro Fenwick L. H. J. Bramcote 8750 2018/08/14
Bro Cockayne D. St. Mary's 2302 2018/07/29
W. Bro Seeger K. C. Nuthall Temple 6011 2018/07/27
W. Bro Rose G. F.  Beeston 6103 2018/07/30
W. Bro Heason R. A. Edwinstowe 3998 2018/07/18