Walesby Forest Lodge No 9674

Walesby BannerWalesby Forest Lodge was consecrated in November 1998. At the time of writing we are just a little over twenty years old - not one of the "older" Lodges but rather one of the “youthful” Lodges. What makes our Lodge special and different is that we are a Lodge for individuals associated with Scouting and other Youth Organisations.

There is a natural affinity between the principles of Scouting and Masonry, they both teach respect for the law and properly constituted authority, consideration for others and the need to help those less fortunate than themselves. Scouts also enjoy the friendship of like minded people, one of the cornerstones of Freemasonry” so wrote RW Brother J. S. Hill at the time of our Consecration.

The Lodge meets five times a year on the third Saturday in January and November, the second Saturday in March and on the third Monday evening in May and first Monday in September. We meet at the Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham. We have also held meetings at Walesby Forest Campsite, Robin Hood Campsite and other Scout locations throughout Nottinghamshire. We like a bit of adventure!

At the time of writing, our membership stands at 32, with a new member joining shortly and three further candidates in discussion with us - we are growing! The age range of our members ranges from early twenties up to our distinguished "elder statesmen", with a large percentage of members between 25 and 45 yerar of age. We are a lodge suitable for all ages particularly if you have an interest or involvement in Scouting or Youth work or indeed no connection at all ! We welcome all good men.

The Lodge members come from a wide variety of professions and occupations including: teachers; sales people; HGV drivers; company directors; police officers; solicitors; Business and Training Consultants; engineers; accountants; IT specialist; butchers; and tax officers. And YES, we all get on brilliantly well together! We are pleased that visitors describe our Lodge as “very friendly”.

We work hard at, and enjoy, our ritual, and in fact we’ve developed our own version of the Emulation Ritual which we call the “Walesby Workings”.. it’s the standard ritual with a few interesting features added. We are fortunate to have some very fine deliverers of ritual from both the younger and more experienced members. “One of the finest ceremonies I’ve seen” commented a very Senior Mason during a recent visit to our Lodge.

Another feature of our Lodge, despite our “youth”, is the masonic knowledge within the Lodge that proves to be invaluable to new and existing members alike. After each meeting we enjoy time together at our Festive Board, where we honour toasts, sing, laugh and share a meal, sometimes formal, or sometimes a Carvery or buffet style lunch. Whilst not obligatory, proceedings often continue when the members retire into the bar for further conversation and harmony.

At least once a year we invite friends and family to join us at the Festive Board, this has proved popular with wives and partners and is always well attended. 

Our social activities have included family BBQs, river trips, lunch on steam train, brewery trips, visits to Grand Lodge in London, skittles nights, pub quiz nights, Christmas family lunch and, of course, our Annual Ladies Festival when we invite wives, partners along with friends and family to a gala dinner with dancing and entertainment - as you can see we are a happy and very social Lodge.

Our values of friendship, charity, integrity, respect, virtue, self-discipline, patience, and discretion are all very important to us. Charity in particularly - it’s our aim that Walesby Forest Lodge is, and will continue to be, a force for good in our community and to this end we actively raise funds to support, primarily, the welfare and development of young people. We are very proud, as a Lodge, to be a Grand Patron of the Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys and as part of the recent Provincial Festival raised just over £25,000 for the benefit of the young people supported by the Trust.

Examples of charities that have received support from Walesby Forest Lodge here in Nottnghamshire include: 124th Nottingham Scout Group; Scout & Guide Gang Show; Notts Power Chair Football Club; QMC “Well Child” Clinic; World Jamboree Contingent; 1st Stapleford Scout Group; 3rd Chilwell Scout Group; Send a child to Hucklow; and many more over the years.

Comments from those who have joined Walesby Forest Lodge: “I was made to feel really welcome by everyone”; “I want to be part of a Lodge that helps youngsters"; “Made some great friends already"; “It’s mix of serious and fun”; “It’s made me think about my values";  “It’s something very different"; “There’s tradition in a modern world, it’s great"; "I really like the ceremony"; and "I like the respect shown to each other".

If you are interested in joining Freemasonry, please visit our Enquiry Page