Thoresby Lodge No 3106

thoresby-bannerCreation and Formation of the Lodge

In the late 19th Century the only means of transport available to the masses were the railway, horses, walking and cycling. Amongst the Nottingham Bicycle Club (founded in 1875) were several Freemasons. These Freemasons were invited to attend a meeting of the De Vere Lodge No. 1974 (held on Friday 20th January 1905) by the then Worshipful Master J. A. Burrows. After some discussion, and a further meeting, the prospect of forming a new Masonic Lodge called Thoresby was resolved and agreed.

Whilst Thoresby Lodge has records from its consecration, the rationale behind the Lodge name was never recorded. The name, we can only assume, was adopted because the members cycled between Nottingham and Thoresby on Sunday mornings. The Tree within the Lodge Banner represents the mighty Oaks within Thoresby Hall, and the Latin motto 'PIE REPONE TE' translates as 'Repose with Pious Confidence'.

The petition to form the Lodge was signed by 17 brethren from 10 lodges, including: De Vere Lodge № 1794; Newstead Lodge № 47; Rutland Lodge № 1179; Welbeck Lodge № 2890; Ashfield Lodge № 2412; Mundy Grove Lodge № 1794; Highgate Lodge № 1377; Southwell Lodge № 1405; Commercial Lodge № 411 and St. Mary's Lodge № 2302.

It is worth noting the name of one founding member (from Rutland Lodge) W. Brother J. G. Redgate, whose family have had an unbroken association with Thoresby Lodge since it was formed.

The Lodge was consecrated by the V. W. Brother the Rev. H. T. Hayman, T.D., M.A., on the 6th July 1905 - following the issue of a warrant dated 27th March 1905. The Lodge was the 20th Lodge to be consecrated in the Province of Nottinghamshire, and we are today, the 17th oldest surviving Lodge in the Province and are rightly proud of our traditions and rituals. We hold the distinction of being the first of thirty-one Lodges consecrated by V.W. Brother Hayman, who was considered a great and most eminent Mason.


Originally the Lodge met on a Thursday night, but this was changed in 1907 to the second Wednesday of the month during the months of: October; November; December (Installation meeting); January; February; March and April. The Lodge has a strong social calendar; our wives, families and friends are equally as important (as members) in this - if not more so, since without their support we wouldn't have a Social Calendar.


The Lodge has a history of a diverse and wide membership, including: a Rates Collector; several Commercial Travellers; a Book Binder; an Electrical Engineer; a Pharmacist; a Plumber; a Garage Mechanic; Clerks; a Rail Locomotive Engineer; a Turf Accountant; a Locksmith and a Gentleman's Outfitter.

We value our membership of Freemasonry, membership of Thoresby Lodge and the work we can do to help others; whether within the local, national or international community.

We are proud to be Freemasons, 'A force for good within the community' and welcome enquiries for those who may be interested in joining a group of like minded individuals who place honour and integrity above material reward.
We would love to meet you to explain more about ourselves and the Craft we practice.

If you are interested in joining Freemasonry, please visit our Enquiry Page