Semper Fratres Lodge No 4467

semper-bannerWelcome to Semper Fratres Lodge

The Lodge was founded in 1922 by members of staff at the Mundella Grammar School in the Meadows. The warrant is dated 17 July 1922 and the first meeting took place on 24th November in the same year - at Freemasons Hall West Bridgford; but due to the war, and members being engaged in civil defence, the Lodge moved to Goldsmith Street where it has remained ever since.

The Lodge was originally for teachers and those associated with Education - and there are still some retired Teachers who are members - but many other professions are now represented. The name Semper Fratres, meaning "Forever Brothers" comes from the motto of Mundella School.

Currently there are 30 members in the Lodge and we are attracting members from the younger generation. Our latest member is in his 20s. We meet on the second Thursday in October through to April inclusive, with practice nights and rehearsal nights on the first and fourth Thursdays of the month.

One of the defining features of the Lodge is our desire to involve our partners. We have many events (outside normal Lodge activity) which our partners can attend, and are actively encouraged to do so - as are deceased members' partners. Every year we have a Ladies evening, a formal event, when we thank our Ladies for their support; we also have BBQs, Race Nights and Skittles Evenings which raise monies for the Master's chosen Charity. In the last 10 years we have raised in excess of £15,000 for non-Masonic Charities; a similar amount has also been raised towards Masonic Charity.

Our 'social' get-togethers are not limited to the local geography. Trips have been organised (on May bank holiday weekends) to Lodges in other parts of the British Isles as well as abroad: Paris, Bruge, Ireland - North and South – to name but a few locations.

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