Lodge of Charity No 8769

Charity Banner"If the world were so poor that no one could make a gift, or so wealthy that no one needed it – Charity, the charity of Life and Deeds, would remain”. Thus it was that on 30th September 1976, 30 Brethren with this view in mind met to discuss the formation of a new Lodge.

The Lodge of Charity Banner was designed with the many aspects of 'charity' being depicted. The centrepiece is a blood red open heart emphasising that charity should be central in all our actions. In the open heart is depicted, in gold, the Pelican in its Piety, which was reputed to have fed its young with its own blood to save them from death. The whole is set on an azure field. The motto in scroll is “AMOR COMPATRIUM” - Love of our fellow man.


Our Lodge meetings are held at Freemasons’ Hall, West Bridgford. The Lodge starts the Masonic Season with an Installation meeting on the second Thursday in September - then meets on the second Thursday of: November; January; March; and May. The Christmas meeting takes place on the second Friday in December. It is usual to start these meetings at 6:00pm, but the start time may vary depending on the content of the meeting


As of November 2018, we have 37 members with ages ranging from the 20s to the 80s and all walks of life are represented. We are all law-abiding men, of good character and acknowledge a belief in a Supreme Being.


Every Lodge meeting is followed by a Festive Board (meal), often with wine. The West Bridgford Masonic Centre has its own dedicated bar with non-alcoholic drinks available, including tea and coffee. It is not unusual for our ladies to meet in the adjacent dining room whilst we have our formal Festive Board. We hold an annual dinner dance in honour of the Master’s Lady, and usually a summer BBQ and other events where we, and our ladies, can meet together in a less formal environment.

Families of Charity

There are, across the country, 13 Masonic Lodges with the word “Charity” in their name. Each year one of these Lodges hosts a meeting to which members from all the other “Charity” Lodges are invited. We have visited as far South as Plymouth, as far North as Bradford and Warrington, as farEeast as Brightlingsea (Essex) and as far West as Belfast and Dublin.

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