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Castle Lodge No 3219 is a Freemasons' Lodge in the Province of Nottinghamshire warranted by The United Grand Lodge of England. It was formed in 1907 by 22 members from 9 other Lodges; our 'Mother Lodge' is the De Vere Lodge No 1794. The Lodge was founded on temperance lines, as the majority of founders appear to have been Wesleyan Methodists or Salvation Army Officers, and was the first Lodge of this type in the Province - being followed by the Marquis of Titchfield Lodge which was sponsored by Castle Lodge. This has been relaxed for social meetings, but the by-law continues, so there is still no alcohol at Lodge meetings while dining.

The original banner was hand painted on silk, but after 67 years of constant use it was in a poor condition; so in 1974 it was replace by the current banner (pictured).

Formation meetings were held at the Caledonian Hotel, Lister Gate, prior to the Consecration (on 2nd May 1907) by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Reverend Henry Telford Hayman M.A. Subsequent meetings were held at the Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street, until the year 2000 - when the Lodge relocated to The Freemasons' Hall, Welbeck Road, West Bridgford - which is where we hold our meeting today.


The Lodge starts the Masonic Season with an Installation meeting on the last Thursday in September - then meets on the first Wednesday of the month in November, February, March, April, and May. It is usual to start these meetings at 6:00pm, but the start time may vary depending on the content of the meeting.

The Lodge also meets socially; the two main social events being a Christmas Meal on the 1st Saturday evening in December and a Ladies Festival in spring/early summer; the latter being organised for all the Ladies of the Lodge, but especially for the Worshipful Master's Lady. Both these social events are open to non-Masonic guests. Other social and informal gatherings are arranged by the Committee or the Lodge membership.


The Lodge membership is comprised of individuals from all backgrounds and age ranges, and is acknowledged to be (by those who visit us) a friendly Lodge - but we take our masonry to heart.

Although reduced in numbers from the large memberships of the past, the Lodge has a strong nucleus - and some more-recent, younger, members will progress this into the future.

We would welcome any man over 21, with 'strict morals and upright intensions' with a belief in a Supreme Being, to contact us; also, any existing Freemason looking to join a Lodge would also be most welcome. It is worthy of note, that neither religion nor politics are discussed at meetings.

Information extracted from '100 year booklet' by Jim Pike

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