Annesley Lodge No 1435

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Hello, and welcome to the Information page on Annesley Lodge, amongst the oldest in the Nottinghamshire Province.

Our Warrant from the United Grand Lodge of England is dated 19th April, 1873 and the consecration ceremony took place on 26th September, 1873.

The other Lodges in the Province which pre-date us are: Newstead No.47, Royal Sussex No.402, Commercial No.411 and Southwell No.1405.

The complete Annesley Lodge "Family Tree" can be found here - enter 1435 in the box and press submit.

Annesley Lodge was formed following a recommendation by members of Newstead Lodge that "a new Lodge be formed in this town for the following reasons:

  • First, there are a number of Brethren find it extremely inconvenient to attend Lodge on Tuesday evenings, their business avocations necessitating their absence from home during the early part of the week
  • Second, there are a number of Visiting Brethren connected with the Staple Trades of this town who desire to join and visit a Masonic Lodge, but who are prevented in doing so in consequence of there being no Lodge held in the latter part of the week
  • Third, The population of this town and suburbs being over 150,000 inhabitants(!) while the Masons of the three existing Lodges number less than 200, but the opening of a new Lodge the Petitioners respectfully submit that if the Grand Lodge will grant their Prayer, they firmly believe it will be for the increase, advancement, and general good of Freemasonry in this Province"

The consecration of the Lodge took place in the Assembly Rooms, Low Pavement, Nottingham, which were just above the present entrance to the Marks and Spencer store on Low Pavement.

In its early years the Lodge met in the George Hotel at the corner of George Street and Goose Gate, but moved to Goldsmith Street when the original Masonic Hall was built there.

The list of Past Masters reads like a Roll of prominent Nottingham businessmen over the years. John Tricks Spalding, of Griffin and Spalding, is perhaps more readily remembered; apart from an extremely full Masonic career, he was also a JP, Alderman and a Mayor of Nottingham.

Our membership at one time reached 90 strong, however, leaner times, as at present, mean that we now number only 20. Naturally, we would like to increase our number, we believe that can be achieved because there are a lot of like minded individuals who, like us, want the world to be a better and more caring place, whether that be domestically, socially, or generally. If you are a like minded individual, mason or non mason, you can be sure of a warm welcome into the Annesley Lodge.

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