Music Association gift to Rainbow Hospice


The Nottinghamshire Masonic Music Association was pleased to be able to continue its support of 'youth music' by presenting a SKOOG to the music department at Rainbows Hospice.

A Skoog is an electronic device in the shape of a cube which plays various notes and rhythms by pressing on five of the six sides in any manner so that children, or indeed adults, with difficulties with hand co-ordination can 'make music'.

This device was created in Scotland for specific use in teaching environments with people with severe motor control. The music team at Rainbows are excited about this gift as will be the children who use it.

The excess of the allotted charitable gift was transferred into their fund for hiring in musicians to entertain and teach the children. A gushing letter of thanks was received emphasising the joy that Rainbows feel when outside groups support their work.