Woodthorpe Chapter & the Nottinghamshire Sojourners

Woodthorpe visit 11th Jan 2019
On Friday 11th January, Woodthorpe Chapter was visited by E. Companion Chris Yates and Companion Craig Staples, both Nottinghamshire Sojourners. 

The Chapter had requested an Interactive Demonstration of the Ceremony of Exaltation. This demonstration requires the assistance of ten members of the Chapter, who happily stepped up to take part.

The demonstration works through the ceremony, with each officer playing his part, with explanations of the symbolism and meaning of many aspects of the ritual, as it progresses.

All those who took part performed extremely well to deliver a demonstration which was thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by those attending the meeting. Of particular merit was the work carried out by Companion Alan Yates, whose un-prompted ritual was a pleasure to watch.

The ME Grand Superintendent, along with the Deputy Grand Superintendent, were most complimentary both in the Temple and at the Festive Board afterwards, which was a very cheerful and relaxed lunch, attended by 15 members and 4 visitors.