Sojourner journeys north to visit St. Stephen's Chapter

St Stephens Chapter 22nd Nov 18

On a cold and wet Thursday 22nd of November 2018, E. Companion Chris Yates visited St. Stephen’s Chapter in Retford. The welcome was just as friendly and sincere as on a previous visit, but the improvement to the facilities and redecoration in an ‘Art Deco’ style were significant.

After opening the chapter, the MEZ proceeded to Install Companion Dan Osborn into the chair of the Third Principal, the installing officer was E. Companion Richard Osborn. This was followed by the appointment and investiture of those officers unavoidably absent from the Installation meeting.

The next order of business was to receive a Powerpoint Presentation on the design and symbolism contained in the Holy Royal Arch Jewel. The MEZ then introduced E. Companion Chris Yates, who proceeded to fully explain the timeline leading up to the first Royal Arch Jewel. The Latin inscriptions contained in the jewels design were fully translated and explained. Next, by using the Triple Tau as a key, the geometry contained in the interlocking triangles of ‘The seal of Solomon’ demonstrated that the 5 Regular Platonic bodies were seen to be fully represented in the jewels design. To assist the companions to more fully understand the geometry involved and to assist in further research, E. Companion Chris explained that an ‘Aide Memoir’ had been emailed to the chapter Scribe E, E. Companion Colin Meakin, for circulation.

The convocation was followed by a very friendly Festive Board, attended by 23 members and 7 visitors, where a variety of very interesting and searching questions were received and answered by Chris Yates.