Nottinghamshire Sojourner re visits Edwinstowe Chapter

12 tribesOn Thursday 25th October 2018, I made a return visit to Edwinstowe chapter. On this occasion to present a Power point explanation of The Twelve Tribes of Israel.

This lecture fully explains how the twelve tribes were formed by the sons and Grandsons of Jacob. It explains how Jacobs name was changed to Israel, leading to the formation of the Israelitish nation and how when journeying through the land for 40 years, the twelve tribes formed up around the encampment housing the Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept.

And it is this period of time where our Royal Arch story begins, where the importance of each Tribe, and the meaning of each Banner becomes clear.

The presentation was very much enjoyed by 17 members and three visitors, who collectively showed their appreciation.

The festive board was a very happy and relaxed occasion where several interesting questions were discussed and answered.

All in all a very happy and successful evening.