Forest Chapter Exaltation

IMG 1036

Boyd Starzynski, front and centre in the photograph, is the latest recruit to that happy band known as Forest Chapter and he began his Royal Arch journey on Wednesday the 27th of March having been raised in November 2018 - clearly a brother not of a mind to allow the grass to grow, etc.

Boyd is a member of Beeston Lodge meeting at Chilwell and with his new companions in Mansfield is already spreading his circle of brothers between north and south of the Province. He is a crane driver working currently in central London and travels down on Monday mornings coming home on Friday evening in his trusty van in which he regular sleeps - central London hotel prices!!! Anyway as Boyd sleeps, on occasion, in his van in a typical side-street he is occasionally woken by the sensation of the van gently rocking – explained by the would-be thieves gently rocking the vehicle and if no alarm is activated break in and steal from the vehicle or even the vehicle itself – imagine the would-be thieves surprise when they open the unlocked back door only to find Boyd waiting for them with a cheery “can I help you?”

Boyd also ran through a very potted history of his life to date and told the assembled companions that he had found, in both the craft and the Royal Arch, people who cared about him and others; and he looks forward to making a contribution to his Chapter, and the order in general. Having witnessed the warmth of his welcome into Forest Chapter and his response to the same, there can be no doubt that his efforts will be responded to in a positive and fraternal manner.

As to the team that exalted Boyd the chairs of Z, H, J, scribes Ezra and Nehemiah were occupied by the companions shown in the photograph above.

Also taking part in the ceremony was a visitor E Companion John Doyle, acting as Principal Sojourner; this being an additional service of Chapter Support now being offered by the Nottinghamshire Sojourners.
There was a total number of thirty-three companions in attendance on the evening, eleven of whom were visitors who in turn represented nine Chapters.

Comp Simon Buckley proposed the toast to the three principals which was responded to by acting as H who, due to Companion Richard Child’s being unable to attend, stood in with 24 hours notice. The hopes and best wishes for Companion Richard’s speedy return to full working order were expressed by all present.