Five Regular Platonic Bodies delivered to Broxtowe Chapter


On Tuesday 2nd October 2018, I visited Broxtowe Chapter to present our Power point Presentation, ‘The Five Regular Platonic Bodies’. This presentation gives a very detailed explanation of the origin and symbolism contained within them, and their geometrical connection to the Triple Tau.

How Plato reasoned that the four elements Fire, Air, Earth and Water with which the world was created were represented by the, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Cube and the Icosahedron respectively, all contained in the Dodecahedron representing the sphere of the universe.

The presentation also describes their position in the layout of the chapter and the reasoning behind it.

At the conclusion of the lecture, on behalf of EComp Graham Allenby, I presented models of a set of the Platonic bodies to the chapter. Who accepted them with sincere appreciation.

The chapter was attended by 15 members and 1 visitor, who all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, with some very interesting questions and debate at a very friendly Festive board.