Educating Excelsior Chapter

excelsior 02 2019

On 18th February 2019, Excelsior Chapter were entertained by E. Companion Chris Yates, a Nottinghamshire Sojourner.

The presentation on this occasion was a PowerPoint explanation of the symbolism contained in the design of our wonderful Jewel. The relationship to the Five Regular Platonic Bodies and the Triple Tau. A very detailed look at the geometry linking all the elements proved to be a little testing for those who had not studied the subject for many years. An ‘Aide Memoir’ was distributed to the companions after the presentation to enable all to go through it at leisure.

The MEZ sincerely thanked E. Companion Chris for both his time and for entertaining the Chapter in a most enjoyable and educational manner. As usual the Festive Board proved be a very enjoyable finish to the evening, attended by 12 members and 3 visitors.