Carnarvon 1909
the Wanderlust Lodge

The Lodge Organises, on an annual basis, holiday breaks (both home and abroad) which are open to all Freemasons, their families and friends.

Not only does this strengthen the fellowship between Lodge members, it extends it – even beyond the borders of the Province; Freemasons, and their ‘connections’, from Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, being regular travelling companions of the Lodge.

On the home front, destinations are as wide and varied as Jersey, Carlisle, Oban, Bute and our annual Christmas visit to Kingussie in the heart of the Scottish Highland Region (our most popular trip of all – you can guarantee seeing a White Christmas!). During these trips the Brethren always visit a local Lodge and have widened their masonic circle of friends to include Freemasons from each of the destinations.

Travelling further afield, the trips have included Sol in the Austrian Tyrol, Lake Garda, Paris, Bruges, Ghent and Ypres; and, at the latter destination, we laid a wreath at the Mennen Gate – an emotion stirring site, and one which will always bring to mind those who paid the highest price for their service to this Country.

Lodge excursions started many years ago with regular trips to Lindesfarne; meeting up with, and becoming friends with, masons from Berwick upon Tweed. Many Lodges from the area have arranged reciprocal visits with Carnarvon, strengthening our bonds of friendship over the years.

When I was a very young mason, I attended a Prestonian Lecture where I heard a phrase that I have never forgotten, and one which I have always found to be true: “There is no such things as a stranger in Freemasonry, just friends we have yet to meet”. I have carried this philosophy with me to Lodges all over the world - from Canada and the USA to Australia and Malaysia; I visit Malaysia every year and have fostered many strong friendships there.

One of the friends I have made in the Makepeace Lodge, Malaysia, is Daniel Liu; who, by some strange quirk of fate, has a nephew at Nottingham University – Warren Anthony Lavel Leon-Son. Warren’s father is also a Freemason from Mauritius. On contacting Warren he was really keen to follow the family tradition and become a Freemason. After being introduced to the Province through the University scheme, Warren was duly initiated into Carnarvon Lodge. Through the same Malaysian connections, I was able to put a friend’s son (at University in Manchester) in touch with the Old Manchunians Lodge, via the local Provincial Secretary, which he duly joined. Later I received a wonderful letter thanking me for the introduction and saying how much our new Brother was enjoying his Freemasonry.

Moving forward to our schedule for the remainder of 2016: On June the 12th the Lodge visits Newstead Abbey for its annual Church Service - followed by Lunch at the Lakeside Restaurant (the Service starts at 11:30am). We are one of 3 Lodges holding services at the Abbey in order to help support the upkeep of this historical building which has strong connection with Freemasonry in the Province (if you are considering joining us for the Service, entrance to the Grounds is free).

Also on our wanderlust calendar is a trip to the Isle of Wight in June; Lake Garda in August; and in December, of course, Kingussie in the Spey Valley. All are welcome to join our very exclusive band of travelling masons, families and friends; and of course, we look forward to greeting the ‘friends’ we have yet to meet.

Moving even further forward to January 2017 – Carnarvon hosts a very popular ‘Burns Night Celebration’ held at West Bridgford Masonic Hall; a very popular and well attended event.

As the icing on the cake, Carnarvon Lodge has been fortunate enough to turn holiday friends into Brothers and has been privileged to initiate several of our travelling companions into our fraternity. Also, one Lincolnshire mason, through a friendship made on our wanderings, has joined a Knight Templar Preceptory in Belper.

If you are interested in any of our events, with many more coming in 2017, including our third return trip to the Tyrol - yes we like it that much! - then please contact me (details below); your new travelling companions and friends are waiting to greet you!

Martin G White PPrJGW
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