A Nottinghamshire Sojourner visits St Mary's Chapter

saint marys
On Friday 2nd February 2018, E. Companion Chris Yates attended St Marys Chapter, and was assisted by 5 members of the chapter, in presenting an Interactive talk on ‘The Proclamation of Cyrus, King of Persia’. The talk lays out the history and development of the Middle and Near East for over 2000 years leading up to the establishment of the Persian Empire under the rule of King Cyrus. It describes the Jewish people being taken into captivity in Babylon, and how after 70 years their release by King Cyrus.

But what is really striking is the reasoning behind their release and how there was so much more than just that one issue. The Proclamation of Cyrus was the first recorded charter of human rights for all the peoples of his empire. Many similarities can be seen in documents such as The American Bill of Rights and even our own Magna Carta. Cyrus really was a man ahead of the times … 'Thus saith Cyrus King of Persia’.

The chapter was attended by 14 members and 1 visitor (myself). I received a very warm and sincere welcome from all with many extremely complimentary comments on the presentation, both in the Temple and afterward at the Festive Board.