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Nottingham Sojourners report 2016 - 2017


forest chapter march

Bookings for the Nottinghamshire Sojourners team have steadily increased over the past few years, from 9 visits in 2012 to 21 visits in 2015, 26 in 2016, and 6 visits so far in 2017.

During the 2016 - 2017 season, three of the visits have been ‘Cross Border' into Derbyshire, where Excellent Companions Marc Stevens and Steve Bradford were very well received, 

The team now consists of 11 experienced presenters, all of whom have access to a library of over 70 papers. These papers are steadily being updated and, where appropriate, converted to Interactive format - a move that is proving most popular amongst the Chapters who have received the new format. We are also using more PowerPoint presentations; the explanations of both the 'Five Regular Platonic Bodies' and 'the Holy Royal Arch Jewel' are greatly enhanced by this approach and are proving to be very popular. Both giving a detailed explanation of the symbolism of the Triple Tau and its relevance to our order.

Of course we would be very happy to see all Chapters getting a steady flow of new Candidates and our Order going from strength to strength; but where that is not the case, we are committed to serving any Chapter which is in need of a visit - either to fill a vacant evening, or simply for a change. Our presentations are both educational and interesting, the most common comment from both new and seasoned Royal Arch Masons is “I never knew that!”.

Members of the Team have also visited two Craft Lodges in order to assist the Lodge Holy Royal Arch Representatives deliver presentations outlining the history and origins of the Order, a most useful aid to recruitment.

To book a visit from one of the team, just contact the PGScE, who will be very happy to pass on your request.

We are here to help.

Chris Yates PPrGSN