Holy Royal Arch News:
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New Exaltees say "Yes, Thank You!"

The Nottinghamshire Royal Arch Province recently surveyed those Exaltees who had joined the Royal Arch over the last 18 months. More than 50% replied to the internet survey – a magnificent level of response for such a survey.



100% of all responses agreed that the ceremony of Exaltation into the Royal Arch met their expectations and that they were made to feel very welcome into their new Chapter.

One commented: "... It has been a pleasure joining the Royal Arch and I thank everyone for the letters home including guides and the follow-up emails. The wrap around support is better than any other order or indeed from my memory of joining freemasonry in the first place!! Highly commendable, thanks very much ...".

90% of all responses were exalted as a result of direct contact from either a masonic friend or a Royal Arch Representative. The message is, therefore, crystal clear – we only need to ask!!!!

Another major influence on new candidates had been witnessing the Talking Heads presentation in a Craft Lodge. The presentation team is indeed proving its worth – booking can be arranged via the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra.

The Province continues to remind new Master Masons of their Next Regular Step, by a joint letter from the Provincial Grand Master and the Grand Superintendent. Every new Exaltee receives a copy of the glossy Exaltee’s Guide and an accompanying personal letter of welcome from the Grand Superintendent.

Now the really hard work begins – we have to ensure these new Exaltees retain their interest and enjoyment of the Royal Arch, and thereby the continued commitment to their Chapters.