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Castle Chapter
Dramatic Exaltation Ceremony

41 Companions attended the latest convocation of Castle Chapter No 3219 on Friday 15th January 2016 at Nottingham Masonic Hall. They witnessed an exaltation ceremony with a dramatic presentation of the Principal Sojourner’s story. The Principal Sojourner, Excellent Companion Paul Ouseley, expertly guided the new exaltee, Companion Ben St. J. Scott-Nelson (a member of St Giles Lodge) through the ceremony and acted out the part where the Sojourners return to tell of their discovery - real life sized ropes were used!

On the occasions that the Sojourners retired from the Chapter, three short readings were delivered by the DC. - Excellent Companion Ken Lawmon. As the location of the story changes without any apparent change of scenery, the readings put into context, both historically and in the present, who the Sojourners were, their duties and their dramatic find.

The meeting created a great deal of interest among the many visitors with some asking for the script. Castle Chapter will be performing another exaltation at their next convocation on Friday 18th March 2016 and intend to repeat the performance.


Pictured (l - r): 3rdPrGPrincipal, Excellent Companion Richard Howarth; 2ndPrGPrincipal; DepGSupt, Excellent Companion Mark Holliday; Acting 2nd Principal, Excellent Companion Craig Curtis; 1st Principal, Excellent Companion Richard Lawmon; 3rd Principal, Excellent Companion David Scully (also the PrGScE); the Principal Sojourner, Excellent Companion Paul Ouseley
and the candidate Companion Ben Scott-Nelson.