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A Nottinghamshire Sojourner entertains Hayman Chapter

Hayman sojournerOn Monday 14th November 2016, Hayman Chapter was visited by Companion Chris Yates (of the Nottinghamshire Sojourners) who delivered a PowerPoint Presentation entitled 'The Five Regular Platonic Bodies.

This presentation is the first PowerPoint lecture to go into the Nottinghamshire Sojourners library. The presentation explains the discovery that there are only Five Regular Solids possible, and Plato's theory that the universe was formed from the four main elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water, each of which he allocated to a Regular Solid and enclosed in the fifth, representing The Sphere of the universe. The presentation then went on to consider their relation to the Holy Royal Arch, and how they are set out in the chapter layout. The Chapter was attended by 20 members and 3 visitors who were all very impressed with both the content and delivery of a very interesting lecture. The presentation was preceded by the Historical lecture, delivered in a very competent manner by Companions D.J.Earley, B.F.Pilling and G.R.Hayward.

At the Festive Board that followed, some lively debates regarding the presentation took place in a very warm and friendly atmosphere, rounding off a very pleasant evening.