Holy Royal Arch News:
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A night of 'stand-ins' at Hayman

The Grand Superintendent Richard Gutteridge stood in as 2nd Principal at the meeting of his own Chapter, the Hayman Chapter on Monday 11 January. He was taking the place of Bob Patchitt who is recovering from serious illness. Richard was 2nd Principal of the Chapter some 31 years ago.

After opening the Chapter and handling the formalities, the 1st Principal Richard Taylor very kindly vacated his chair in favour of Nick Bacon for the Exaltation of Brother Stephen Cross. Nick Bacon was 1st Principal last year but had been prevented from carrying out an Exaltation ceremony after suffering a bereavement. This gave NIck the opportunity of putting his learning from last year to good use and he was very grateful.


Bernard Pilling stood in as very competent Director of Ceremonies,  Graham Hayward stood in as a confident Principal Sojourner and recent Exaltee David Harvey stood in as 2nd Assistant Sojourner. Thankfully Ray Robinson-Unwin stood firm as 2nd Principal. Derek Easty and John Ives assisted the team with parts of the lecture.

The Companions were rewarded by an excellent pub supper of 'Bangers and Mash' provided by West Bridgford Masonic Hall.

The meeting showed that even when there is a major disruption to the Officers of the Chapter, with good planning and dilligent preparation, a high-quality ceremony and an enjoyable evening can still be achieved.

Pictured left to right are Richard Gutteridge, Richard Taylor, Nick Bacon and Ray Robinson-Unwin