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A Jewel of a Chapter

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Yesterday evening (4th July 2017) I spent part of American Independence Day with the Harlequin Chapter No 8004 which meets at the West Bridgford Masonic Hall. 

I was there to present what has become very popular among Chapters, a multi-media, interactive lecture “The Holy Royal Jewel”.

Usually, I visit Chapters on my own; but on this occasion, I took the opportunity to invite a friend, Kevan Goddard, and his trusty cameras. This turned out not to be the case, as Kevan had shelved his long-time companions in favour of a brand new, 3 day old, Nikon camera body. The results are attached to this report, see for yourselves - (KG - no flash!). Although Harlequin is not a big Chapter, what it lacks in numbers it more than makes up for in enthusiasm, camaraderie and its warm welcome to every visitor.

In the Temple, the evening began with companions John Stanton and Robert Reeve presenting the Historical lecture, followed by companions Robert Hunt, Stephen Bradford and Arthur Widdowson presenting the Symbolical lecture. This was followed by my explanation of the symbolism within the design of the Holy Royal Arch Jewel. The members showed a keen interest in the subject asking thought-provoking questions throughout the session and, at the end of the presentation, showing their appreciation with warmth and sincerity.

At the Festive Board, attended by 10 members and 4 visitors, including the GCVO Companion Anthony Hodson, the discussions continued amongst the members, with the odd question being fired in my direction; the food and wine were of the usual high standard that I have come to expect at West Bridgford Masonic Hall, and the camaraderie was warming. A wonderful end to a superb evening.

Companion Chris Yates
Nottinghamshire Sojourners