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Edwinstowe Lodge 3998
Fundraising 2015-2016

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Last year you advertised my summer social on the Provincial website and in the Provincial newsletter, helping me raise money for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance and the RMTGB 2018 Festival.

I was installed into the chair of KS on Friday 16th January 2015 after being initiated on 16th November 2007.

During my work as a Prison Governor, and later with a secondment to work for a Headquarters group, I spent 6 years on the road travelling the length and breadth of the country. On several occasions my journeys were held up because of serious accidents, which sometimes necessitated the services of an air ambulance. I am still puzzled as to why such a vital medical mode of transport is only funded by donations? It occurred to me then that this would make an excellent charity for my year as WM.

As my year started I indeed chose our local Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance as my charity. The Lodge held a summer social at the home of our charity/festival steward Simon Meadows; this was a ‘Hoe Down’ held on 4th July (American Independence Day) with a local band, “Pinch O’ Snuff” providing the music and directions for the dancers. Food was provided (chilli and jacket potatoes) and a cash bar - which was very well used. Stalls were run by volunteers from the Lodge and their families, selling cakes and other produce; also various games taking place - all for a modest fee.

The event was attended by a good number of Edwinstowe Lodge members, their families and friends, all of which had a great time. The weather helped as the sun made an appearance for the whole day. The monies raised was split between my charity and the festival appeal. The raffles held at Festive Boards, throughout my year, also contributed to both appeals.

During the year we raised £1,200 for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance and £550 for the Festival Appeal.

The members’ help, throughout my year as well as the Hoe Down, in the setting up the venue, running stalls and supporting myself and my charity during the event, was very much appreciated by Bev and myself; our sincerest thanks go to you all.

Steve Clements
WM 2015 - 2016

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