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An introduction to Freemasonry
What's it all about?

Following on from the previous highly successful information evenings held over the last 10 years (CIP), the Provincial Grand Master is anxious to continue the development and education of prospective candidates and provide as much information as possible about Freemasonry, and on what life as a Freemason has to offer, ideally before a candidate joins or as soon as possible after Initiation.

The programme is just one of the Province’s initiatives with respect to recruitment, retention and "strategy for the future".

For this year, the programme has been refreshed to align with the Province’s message of "Freemasonry, traditional values for the modern man" and to be consistent with the latest marketing information available from UGLE, but also to reinforce the message that the event is open to all who may be interested in joining and not just for candidates already proposed and "in the system".

It should be emphasised that there is absolutely no commitment for attendees to join, following the presentation evening, should they feel that Freemasonry is not for them at the present time.

Therefore to ensure the message is promoted throughout the Province, each Masonic centre will hold an informal information and education evening, when interested gentlemen and potential candidates together with their wives/partners, accompanied by potential sponsors with their wives/partners, and other Lodge members, will experience a short presentation from one of the Provincial Leaders or other senior Provincial Officer, giving an insight and an introduction to Freemasonry, including:

  • A brief history of Freemasonry
  • Freemasonry today for the modern man
  • The qualifications for membership and the process for joining
  • The social network that all Freemasons, their ladies, family and friends enjoy

There will also be opportunity to tour the hall and discuss all aspects of Freemasonry in a very open and relaxed atmosphere and attendees will receive a comprehensive information pack.

Any Brother having a prospective candidate, whether it be a friend, family member, work colleague or acquaintance, are asked to support the event and provide the relevant details of potential "candidates" to their Lodge Secretary in order that invitations can be sent out by the centre coordinators.

The event is also open to recent Initiates and all other interested Brethren who may not have attended such an event prior to joining.

Dates of the information evenings for the present Masonic season are detailed below:

Date Day Centre
4th February 2016  Thursday  Retford
5th February 2016 Friday Worksop
8th February 2016 Monday Mansfield
18th February 2016  Thursday Chilwell
19th February 2016 Friday Newark
29th February 2016   Monday Nottingham
9th March 2016 Wednesday  West Bridgford

The centre coordinators very much look forward to welcoming all to this important development and education programme. Details specific to the individual Masonic centres will follow and will be on display at your centre.

Further information and details can be obtained from the programme coordinator, W.Bro. David Wall, PrSGW, contact details and enquiries via the Provincial Office.