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Welcome to the Home of the Craft

craft250As we approach that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, the Province embarks on its busiest time in terms of Installations with some 41 being carried out in September and October. No doubt during the summer there has been much pouring over blue books and the bespoke Installation editions possessed by many lodges. At least we have been bolstered during periods of not very impressive weather by the successful Ashes campaign and some great British performances in the World Athletic Championship.

It is always a pleasure to keep the masonic ties tight during the summer through the numerous social events held by lodges and other Orders. The highlight of my summer and something unlikely to be topped during the remainder of my masonic career was my Installation as Provincial Grand Master on Friday 31 July. To say that I was both overawed and humbled by the support and warmth of feeling from the brethren of Nottinghamshire and our many visitors would be an understatement.

Continuing the spirit of warmth of feeling, I was privileged to attend the 2 fairs organised by the Province and utilising the tremendous generosity of the members of the Showmen's Lodge No 9826 and their associates. To witness the joy of those children and the appreciation of parents and carers is huge confirmation of the difference freemasonry can make to many lives.

All-in-all we are well set for another season and it should be our aim to maximise our enjoyment of the outstanding organisation to which we belong.

Philip Marshall
Provincial Grand Master
26th August 2015


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