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pictured: The Banner dedication team

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pictured: Lodge members

The newest Mark Lodge in the Province, Notts Combined Provincial Stewards Lodge No 1972, consecrated on 19th January 2016 by RW. Brother Peter Maxwell Ball the Mark Provincial Grand Master, held a special meeting on Tuesday 9th April 2019 to dedicate their new banner.

The Lodge was opened and Lodge business carried out; after the Lodge was closed, spouses, partners and visitors (not limited to Mark Master Masons) were admitted before the Banner Dedication Ceremony commenced. The ceremony was carried out by:

The Provincial Dedicating Team
Provincial Grand Master - Peter Ball (as W.M.)
Provincial Grand Chaplain - Mike Page
Provincial Grand DC - Bruce Routledge
Provincial Deputy Grand DC - Nick Bacon

Assisted by Lodge members
SW - Peter Zipser
JW - Phil Parker
DC - Stephen Bradford

The Banner Escort
Pat Westwood
Peter Allan
Brian Trowbridge
Paul Edwardes-Cleaves
Keith Wollacott
David Holmes

The Banner was kindly donated to the Lodge by Brother Pat Westwood and his wife.

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