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Renowned caricaturist and cartoonist to feature on the Square



Joining us in Old Market Square for our Community Fun Day will be local cartoonist and caricaturist Pete Dredge.

Born in Nottingham, Pete was fed on 'The Eagle' comic during his early school days where giants of the illustration world, Frank Bellamy, Frank Hampson, Harry Bishop and Martin Aitchison rubbed pages with cartoonists such as Thelwell, John Ryan and Fiddy. Wonderful stuff!

Later he stumbled across Punch magazine and became fascinated by the cartoon drawings and was hooked. Art college followed and then a spell as graphic designer. he submitted a bunch of cartoons to Punch and they accepted three on his first attempt. Difficult to recapture that feeling of euphoria but it proved to be a life-changing moment.

He started submitting comedy sketch ideas to BBC, ‘Not The Nine O'Clock News’ and they accepted some material too. Work in Private Eye, Times Educational Supplement, National Lampoon and Radio Times followed and was capped off in 1980 with his first Punch cover!

Pete is a member of the British Cartoonists' Association, The Professional Cartoonists' Organisation, The Cartoon Art Trust, Political Cartoon Society and National Union of Journalists. In 2002-2004 he was Artistic Director for Nottingham's ‘Big Grin’ cartoon festival and in conjunction with Noel Ford and Steve Chadburn he co-authored ‘Draw Cartoons’ (2006) and ‘Draw Caricatures’ (2007) published by New Holland.

Come along and have your picture drawn by Pete, warts and all!


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