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Clinton to bring a touch of the Caribbean to the Square


Local entrepreneur, Clinton Walker, has always had a passion for food and being in the kitchen creating dishes full of that special Caribbean flavour. So much so he turned his love of cooking into a business and set up Caribe Hospitality two years ago.

He started out catering for private parties for friends, expanded quickly to a small fleet of mobile vans at fixed locations, attended concerts and festivals, eventually entering the corporate market. His latest venture is into the restaurant business opening ‘Caribe' at 10 St James Terrace, Nottingham, NG1 6FW.

Clinton told us, "Caribe Hospitality is an events, hospitality and products company providing a Caribbean themed experience with a fantastic selection of great tasting cuisine and superb service. Our USP for events is our ability to transform a space and provide an ambience of almost of the exact replica of being anywhere in the Caribbean, from a beach scene, to a sunset, through to a rustic thatched cocktail bar. We have followed this through to our themed restaurant where we intend to let the sun shine and lift the spirit of our customers."

Clinton is looking forward to welcoming freemasons, their families, friends and the people of Nottingham to his colourful van at our Community Fun Day.


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