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If you are not a Freemason and would like to learn more about this society of ours, and how to become a member, the  'Becoming a Mason' and 'What it Means'   tabs will give you more information. Should you wish to express an interest in becoming a member, simply complete and submit the 'Initial Enquiry Form' on the 'Apply to Join!' main menu link above; we look forward to hearing from you.

Upcoming Events (click to view)

  • Ladies Luncheon Club
  • November - December
  • December
  • 2nd December
  • 3rd December
  • 9th December
  • 14th December
  • 15th December
  • 21st December
  • 13th January


RT @lincsmasonic: St Hugh Lodge in Lincoln, part of the Universities Scheme, last night initiated seven candidates. A wonderful evening was…

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